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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is Self Discovery?

Answer: Seeking knowledge and understanding of oneself in order for one to succeed in unlocking, developing and deploying one's full potential. In society, success is achieving beyond the ordinary.

Q2. What is the place of Self Discovery in the day to day life?

Answer: It is the "success password" the ultimate formula to personal and community development. "Active citizens give rise to productive communities and consequently independent developed nations".

Q3. Can one obtain a certificate, diploma or degree in Self Discovery?

Answer:.Paper qualification is not the main point. The Self Discovery experience helps you find or add true meaning to your life. Getting to realize the purpose of the gifts you were given to share with the rest of the world.

Q4. Who should under take Self Discovery?

Answer: Any body wishing to take full control of his / her life's destiny.

Q5. What is required to do so?

Answer: The desire and willingness to achieve self realization. In addition you should be able to create enough time and devotion for yourself to do so.

Q6. When and where should the Self Discovery journey or study begin?

Answer: Anytime, anywhere once you choose to descend into the depth of your heart. It is for you, therefore you don't do it for anyone else.

Q7. What are the benefits of Self Discovery?

Answer: Enjoying the freedom of pursuing your aspirations as you design your life, hence becoming what you really are. Society will also gain much more from what you can do with all your heart and might.

Q8. Isn't Self Discovery abstract?

Answer: Records have it that from time immemorial, the Self Discovery phenomenon has been man's key to success from generation to generation. Classic examples are all around us though we tend to ignore them.

Q9. Why is Self Discovery not a core subject so far taught in schools?

Answer: The tendency of overlooking vital aspects in life is a common human weakness. Even drinking enough water which is a basic necessity for sustaining our life is not yet fully embraced by all.

Q10. Isn't it high time something was done about it?

Answer: Your personal interest in this subject is already a big step in the right direction and feel free to share the benefits with others. Mass sensitization by various means will certainly draw in more people. Further more, hopefully Self Discovery will in due course get incorporated into the education curriculum.

Q11. How long does it take for one to achieve Self discovery?

Answer: The road to success is always under construction. Every attained step is a strong reward and motivation for you to move on. It becomes more and more exciting to keep going.

Q12. What are the bottle necks of undertaking Self Discovery?

Answer: Apparently the would be obstacles can all become positive aspects by turning them inside out. Indeed set backs are instead great feedbacks.

Q13. How can I deepen my understanding of Self Discovery?

Answer: From all available sources e.g books, mass media, internet, daily experience and knowledgeable persons about the subject. EASY TO GRASP AND APPLY SOLUTIONS is at your service to see you through this. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the contacts provided.

Q14. Isn't it costly to venture into all that?

Answer:. It is worthwhile considering the probable benefits. You are bound to realize rewards beyond your wildest expectation!

Q15. (i) What does it require for a person to discover the gift or talent in him/her (self discovery)? How can a person promote or motivate himself.

Q15. (ii) I'm 20 yrs old in S.6 and it seems I have failed to discover my talents and abilities. Am desperate because time is running out!

Answer:It basically involves listening to your heart, our hearts speak and you can tell what makes you as an individual feel good; interested and happy. The love and interest you will develop in doing a particular thing in life becomes the source of inspirational (drive/enthusiasm) to continue doing the same as you aim to achieve better and the better out comes. It is never too late, don't lose hope. You can also read motivational and self help books for inspiration

Q16. What qualities should a person possess in order to distinguish him or her from others?

Answer: We are all unique and endowed with various resources i.e. physical, mental, emotional, social, material etc, Smart use of any of those can lead one to success and excellence.

Q17. (i) It is said that "the success of a man is to be ready when his opportunity comes" how do you realize that your opportunity has come?

Q17. (ii) How can I use an opportunity got outside school after finishing S.6?

Answer: Indeed as the proverb goes, "fortune favors a prepared mind" you can only grab an opportunity when you have what it takes to fulfill a particular need. Whatever the case may be, if ever you find that you can take advantage to honestly gain from what you have, don't hesitate; that is your golden chance. However, avoid unscrupulous deals.

Q18. Can you tell me how I can become successful?

Answer: Success first of all basically means getting what you want but further more it refers to what society considers as being a gain in respect and position/ status of an individual. Therefore to achieve this you must first and foremost know clearly what your genuinely want (your vision, passion and goal). Secondly you must be prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve it i.e paying the price. No pain no gain. "man can't remake him self without suffering for he is both the marble and the sculptor" - Dr. Alexis Carrel

Q19. How can I be a solution to my problems when am hopeless?

Answer: The key phrase here is taking the initiative i.e having the ability to make personal decisions that can address your situation. It comes about when one takes trouble to look at a given situation critically from different angles "where there is a will, there is always a way"

Q20. There is a saying that "be what you want to be in future now", I want to be a movie player should I leave studies now?

Answer: I suppose school offers you opportunities like music, dance and drama to perfect your career which can even be advanced further during holidays from various sources. Your studies however, help you prepare for plan B just in case your original idea hits a snag. You will be happier with both.

Q21. (i) Why do some people view problems as challenges and opportunities?

Q21. (ii) How can you control stress in this country yet you have a lot of problems to deal with and you are unsettled?

Answer: That is what we call positive thinking and it is what self discovery emphasizes. Never allow failure to over power you! It comes about with transformation of one's mind-set. Lack of this leads to one hating himself i.e. not seeing any meaning in one's life. Always build your self esteem.

Q22. How can I build self esteem?

Answer: By strongly believing in your self as you seek to conquer yourself. Self conquest means putting yourself above and in full control of the circumstances surrounding you. Know your strengths and weaknesses and always endeavor to see how you can take advantage of the same. Refer to relevant literature on that subject and seek advice from counselors for proper practice.

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