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Online Advertising Rates

Our current advertising rates are charged according to the size of the advertising space, timeframe and page as indicated in the table below.

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Ad Size Main Page Other Pages
6 months One Year 6 months One Year
D UGX 150,000 UGX 250,000 UGX 100,000 UGX 150,000
C UGX 200,000 UGX 300,000 UGX 150,000 UGX 250,000
B UGX 250,000 UGX 400,000 UGX 200,000 UGX 300,000
A UGX 300,000 UGX 500,000 UGX 250,000 UGX 400,000
“A man who refuses to advertise in order to save money is like the one who stops the clock to save time”
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